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Tips for passing the Royal Navy Recruiting test
During your preparation get good at tackling psychometric test questions. During the selection process for joining the Royal Navy as a Rating you will undertake a Recruiting Test that consists of the following four areas:

- A reasoning test;
- A verbal ability test;
- A numerical test;
- A mechanical reasoning test.

The most effective way to prepare for these tests is to carry out lots of sample test questions over a prolonged period of time. The majority of candidates will cram in their preparation the night before the test which is not advisable.

Tips for passing the Royal Navy interviews
During the selection process you will be required to sit a number of interviews designed to test your suitability to join the Royal Navy.

The selection officers are looking for you to demonstrate the potential and the ability to become a professional and competent Rating. First impressions are important, so during the interview you need to create the right impression from the clothes that you wear to how you communicate and even down to how you sit in the interview chair.


You will be invited to attend several tests which all take place on different days.

Four-part written test

In the written test we will look at how well you can figure out problems, how good you are at English and maths, and if you understand mechanics. The tests are not designed to give you a grade, they are to show us what sort of jobs you will be good at. To find out more, download the Procedures and Practice Test Booklet pdf, below, or ask your local Armed Forces Careers Office for a copy.

PDF file Procedures and Practice Test Booklet


We will invite you for an interview a few days after your tests. We will discuss your family and friends, your schooling, work experience and interests. We will also be looking to find out how much you know about the Royal Navy and the job you are applying for, and how committed you are to a career with us.

At the end of the interview, we will tell you if you have been successful in the application process so far.

Pre-joining fitness test

Over the course of the application process, you will also have to complete the pre-joining fitness test, to make sure you will be able to cope with Royal Navy training. You will have to do a 2.4km (1.5 mile) run on a treadmill at a fitness centre near you.

PDF file Pre-joining Fitness Programme

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