Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Submariners Lounge Guidelines

The Lounge Guidelines
This is your Lounge, but in the interests of a healthy community,We are all asked that We make sure our posts don’t contain:
1.Please DO NOT post future ship/submarine movements on the page,  These are officially made public when safe to do so in the Media and Online, once this information is in the public domain, you can discuss.
2.Offensive or threatening language (We all use Swearwords but please keep them in Context)

3.Potentially libellous accusations

4.Intentionally unconstructive, off-topic or disruptive comments ( differing views and debate are ok but please be respectful of other users)

5.Shameless plugs of unrelated products of services or spam

6.Overtly political statements

7.Any unlawful use of imagery that violates copyright or breach of a licence agreement

8.Any use of images that may be considered abusive, offensive, indecent or obscene

9.Links to sites that may be obscene, offensive, indecent etc
10.The Most Important Rule of all Enjoy The Lounge
I monitor The Group to ensure that these simple Guidelines are being followed.I will delete posts and comments that break these Guidelines simple Rule of Thumb Rule Applies Here ... if you keep breaking them, I will ban you from the page.Please Remember that this is a Group For Submariners their Friends and Family (Mine Included)

George Griffiths (Griff).

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