Saturday, 11 May 2013

Submariners Loungers (The Patrol)

Steak casserole... and note the HP sauce still on the table just in case it wasnt up to standards.. was'nt used... but ok the table needs a bit of work.. re laying standards.. sorry XO.. we are on holiday.. lolxx




A foto of me taking a foto lol xx
So, anyway, there I was standing around at Lands End...when there was this sudden strong smell of Diesel...this bloke went past with a veterans badge on just like the one I was wearing..we nodded politely at each other and I said "RN"..he said "So was I"..."Submarines...." "Me too!" meet Spooner..Diesel boat rating..HMS WALRUS. Oh yeah..what was I standing round for? Er Indoors was in the Disabled heads..I got so involved chatting to Spooner I forgot i was sposed to open the door and let her out..LOL
Well,,I KNOW im an ANCHOR FACED B*****D
Actually theyve cheated..close inspection (nose to the glass) revealed the ones underneath are blanks....however the gold Million nearby is genuine (not gold plated) as its hallmarked. Its "Protected" by some sort of deadly Spider who lives in the display cabinet...
Derelict Cornish Tin mine Engine/pump house at Cripplesease on a grey wet morning.

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