Wednesday, 5 October 2011

RIP Whisky Walker

 UPDATE : David Walker Service. info from Andrew

 Please note that I have spoken to David's wife Fiona today. She has given me details for his service which will be at St Mungos in the Vale of Leven on Saturday 15th October at 0900. Please note that there will be a wake after the service at the Commodore Hotel in Helensburgh. Fiona has advised that if friends and colleagues wish to send flowers, please send to St Mungos on Friday evening, otherwise donations to St Mungos. For more information please contact me.

Junior Rates one and all Whiskey......."You can take the Man from the Submarine Service, but you cant take the Submarine Service from the Man" !
Rest in Peace Whiskey.

Brendan Blackie ‎~~~ R.I.P David ~~~

John Turnbull R.I.P Whiskey

Mike Larry Lamb will be missed by all who knew him R.I.P MATE

Ian Vickers R.I.P Whiskey

Dave Gunner R.I.P Whiskey

Donald MacLeod Nice one Graham. R.I.P. mate, R.I.P.

Jimmy Dyke R.I.P Big Ski

Fred Flint O Father,hear our prayer to thee,your humble servants beneath the sea,
 In the depths of ocean oft we stray,so far from night so far from day,
 we would ask your guiding light to glow,to make sure our journey safe below,
 please oft times grant us patient mind,then ere the darkness ,won't us blind,
 We seek thy protection from the deep,and grant us peace whene're we sleep,
 Of our homes and loved ones far away ,we ask you care for them each day,
 until we surface once again ,to drink the air and feel the rain,
 We ask your guiding hand to show ,a safe progression ,sure and slow,
 Dear lord ,please hear our prayers to thee,from your humble servants beneath the sea.
 the submariners prayer to our shipmate now crossed the bar .R.I.P. WHISKEY .GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN .

John Theotonio Rest your oar Sailor! RIP

Sean Courtney RIP Whiskey was a honour and a pleasure knowing you !

Paul Melbourne sorry you've gone RIP a sad loss

Alistair Slater R.I.P. Whiskey!

Steve Royce-Rogers Crossed the bar. *Raise your glasses* Whiskey RIP

John MacKenzie Eternal Rest Shipmate

Clive Broad Rest in Peace Whiskey, you are off watch now. You will be sadly missed by all who knew you

Craig Pauley R.I.P Whiskey. What a nice bloke!

Andy Sibbald Can't say much more than has already been said. Farewell mate, pleasure knowing you. Don't worry about Fiona, there are plenty who will look after her.
Fred Sayer Never knew you Whiskey , All the better for knowing of you R.I.P shipmate

Gary Pirrie A sad loss, RIP mate.

Franky Hayes R.I.P. Whiskey sleep well.

Fred West Resurgam Whiskey albeit our paths never cross
Geoffrey Theakstone R.I.P old friend,sad sad day for all who knows you,never forgotten

Robert Adler Obviously I never knew you, But given how your shipmates in the Royal Navy talk about you, You were well respected, and one of the best. It is a blessed Bond we Submariners have, between our two Navies. Your Shipmates will Pipe you "Across the Bar"....We will say in the US Navy...Fair winds and Following Seas, Shipmate.... Rest your Oar, We have the watch.... RIP

William Mcneil You are with your mates now that crossed the Bar( RIP), you are not forgotten and I am sure all those others called away from their loved ones will have a drink on the bar ready. God Bless mate.

Gary Middlemiss Rest in peace whiskey

Brendan Blackie Never even knew the guy, but sitting here with a lump In my throat and a tear In my eye... How amazing is the Submariner Bond!!!!

Paul Finn RIP Whiskey u will be sadly missed big guy my thoughts are with ur family

Andy Leatherday ‎"Not just anybody can be a submariner." we will never forget you. RIP
Steven Johnson RIP Whisky mate never forgotten

Michael Daniels RIP shippers, a sad loss for everyone.

Sharon-Anne Connell-Malcolm There will be an extra star in the sky tonight, it will be the brightest.

Mick Cheshire RIP Whiskey a fellow Submariner and kindred spirit.
John Carty R.I.P. Whiskey

Ned Nedders God bless, Whisky

Steve Worsfold R.I.P Shipmate God bless, a honour to of known you

Chas Cooke RIP Whiskey, stand down, watch over, a job well done. My thoughts are with your family. I hope they take some peace from the comments here from friends and fellow submariners.

Paul Marston RIP old friend.
Dan TheMan I've never met you whisky, but i feel i've known you all my life, rest in peace mate, and we all look forward to the big reunion in the sky

Sean Reader fair winds and following seas shipmate.

Malcolm Hogg RIP Shipmate - Thoughts with your Family

Alan Herbert R.I.P. whiskey our courses barely crossed. another good'un has crossed the bar.

Dean Elliott RIP shippers - thoughts with your nearest and dearest.

Tim Arnold RIP shipmate, drink a wee dram for us on the other side !

Andrew Broadbelt Very sad to hear that Whiskey has crossed the bar. I heard he passed at 7am this morning. I will keep shipmates posted about arrangements etc

Mark Mullins RIP Wobbly. One of the lads who makes me smile when I think of him

Shaun Perry RIP Whisky, deepest condolences to all the family.

Graham C. Smith RIP Whisky, one of the very best. I am proud to have served with you and to have known you. Will be toasting you this evening old friend. Deepest condolences to Fiona and the rest of your Family.

Lee Goldhill RIP Whiskey only the good die young ' God bless your family !
Jim Long Whiskey it's been an honour and privilege to of known you my old mate. Calm seas and fair winds on your final deployment. God bless your family

James Ellis So Sad, only the good die young my Mum used to say, never been truer....

Brian Maitland God bless you big fella, it was a pleasure to serve with you.

Vincent Carr Pleasure to have known u whisky R.I.P u will be sadly missed

Garry Carter RIP Shippers

Michael Morgan ‎"The Lord is my pilot, I shall not go adrift; He lighteth my passage across dark channels; He steereth me through the deep waters, He keepeth my log. He guideth me by the evening star for my safety's sake. Yea, though I sail mid the thunders and tempest of life, I shall fear no peril for Thou art with me. The vastness of thy sea upholds me. Surely fair winds and safe harbors shall be found all the days of my life; And I shall moor, fast, and secure, forever Amen.

Kenneth Nesbitt You've gone where the rest of us will some day follow. RIP shipmate.


  1. Alan Phillips RIP, to an old friend and Brother in law

  2. Gary Wilson, The true Traveller doesnt always know his destination....RIP