Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Submariners Remembrance

At the core of the machine,
The sleek and black submarine,
Lie the men, of flesh and blood,
It needs no air, or drink, or food,
It suffers not from lack of sun,
Nor rain, nor love or hearty fun.

Each depends upon the other,
To rise again, a father, lover.
While half asleep, the others watch,
Turn about, until the hatch,
is cracked open, at last, again,
to release the once imprisoned men.

Why should such brave men choose,
This life, when all there is to lose?
To keep you safe, away from harm,
To patrol the sea, and prevent alarm,
Young men arrive, and old retire,
The old an ember, the young a fire.

When at last, their spirits gone,
the physician seeks to find the wrong,
his heart has fled its boney cage,
to sink below the stormy rage,
and return to where it longed to be,
beneath the dark and brooding sea.

Dedicated to the memory of AB(Sonar)SM Adam “Bomber” Twells, HMS Sceptre

And, PO(Sonar)SM Andrew "Frank" Spencer, HMS Sceptre

And, CPOWEA(SM) Jonnie Barrett

And, CPOMEM(SM) George "Soapy" Watson, a really nice bloke.

And, Lt.CDR Ian Molyneux, WEO, HMS Astute

RIP Shipmates.

By Ex CPOWEA(CEW)SM Carl “Robbie” Robinson

Patti Chebetar Lynn ...  John Lynn EM1 (SS) June 20, 2010 on Eternal Patrol.
Patti Chebetar Lynn ...LT. CMDR. Vincent J. Moore, (SS) Eternal Patrol June 9, 1972.

Sean Nunley ...To my dad, ET1(SS) Robert W. Nunley, Sr., On Eternal Patrol March 24, 2001.

Richard 'Kavz' Kavanagh ...  to my dad Lt Jon Kavanagh who joined eternal patrol on 14/9/2004 run silent run deep

Graham Bridger ... Leading Seaman Kevin Gregory & Able Seaman Kevin "Killer" Whale, both of HMSM Valiant ship's company - Road traffic accident on Helensburgh to Dumbarton road 1980 .... RIP oppos

Graham Bridger  ... Leading Medical Assistant William "Bill" Russell .... HMSM Valiant

Graham Bridger ... CEM Robert "Bob" Stevens .... HMSM Churchill

Alan Gough ... MEM(L) Eric Wilkins, HMS/S Spartan, in Benbow Block HMS Drake, RIP Buddy

Robert Adler ... LCDR Dan Westhusin. Best Chief/LDO I ever worked for, Dec 1, 2004 Rest your Oar Danny, Fair winds and following seas.

Alan Gough  ... A/B Knocker 2 deck scrubber White, M/C accident

Kevin Williams ...  CPO(MEM) Bill Lefevre - HMS/m Conqueror crossed the bar. Hope you're having a whale of a time me olde shipmate.

Kevin Macaskill ... Leading Seaman (Sonar) Graham Liptrott tragically killed in East Clyde Street, Helensburgh - I remember Lippy from Valiant, countless others will remember him from other Platforms. Genuine nice guy. RIP

Graham Bridger ... LSA Franky Rann .... Motorcycle accident returning to Chatham from I.O.W after weekend leave .....HMSM Valiant
Scott Spragg  ...Lom (WSM) Paul Tinny McCann & Om (WSM) Anthony Huntrod tragically died at sea on board HMS/M Tireless 21/03/07 R.I.P Fella's gone but never forgotten.

Graham Bridger ... CPOMA Fred "Happy" Day ..... HMSM Conqueror

Martin Cosgrove ... PO MEM Ian Haddow......Hms Courageous.

Joe Ronald ...  LWEM(R) Alastair Ramsay, (Alf) killed on board Hms/m Spartan Nov 7th 97 a genuine gent prob 2 nice 4 subs, rip m8y "

Douglas Erskine ... ab Paddy Murrels ex Repulse (s)
Douglas Erskine  ... Big Tom Janes Tasi

David MacLeod ...  Sad to hear Bill LeFevre and Ian Haddow passed on, heard that CMEM Monty Banks crossed the bar a few years back after I had visited his old pub in Dunfermline

Peter 'George' Cunningham ... WEM(R) Jed Evans. Washed overboard on HMS Turbulent early 1993. RIP mate.

Alan Upton ... Cook Paddy Donoghue, HMS Superb, lost at sea, as a loanee to HMS Fittleton, during a jackstay transfer with HMS Mermaid in 1976. Fittleton turned turtle. Leading Cook Brigham Young, also from HMS Superb survived & was awarded the Queen's Gallantry Medal for using his SETT training to save the lives of 3 skimmers.

Andy Rhodes ...  MEM 'Taff' Leakey on his way home for xmas leave 1989 Hms Otter.

More Tributes and Remembrance Here in the Group >> Submariners Lounge


A Submariner's Prayer

O Father hear our prayer to Thee
From your humble servants beneath the sea:
In the depths of ocean oft we stray,
So far from night, so far from day;
We would ask your guiding light to glow
To make our journey safe below.
Please oft times grant us patient mind,
Then ‘ere the darkness, won’t us blind.
We seek thy protection from the deep
And grant us peace whene’er we sleep.
Of our homes and loved ones far away
We ask you care for them each day,
Until we surface once again, to drink the air and feel the rain.
We ask your guiding hand to show
A safe progression, sure and slow.
Dear Lord please hear our prayer to Thee
From your humble servants beneath the sea. Amen

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  1. Shaz Connell-Malcolm -Sorry to hear Bill LeFevre has passed away-he was the Trident Club Manager when I served on the committee.