Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Silent Service (US)

In the Pacific, US Submarines choked off the Japanese Merchant Fleet, and their tankers carrying vital petroleum products to the Homeland, to bring that country to its knees.
One statistic alone highlights the difference between the two campaigns, and that is: U-Boats lost: 781/785 dependent upon which stats one uses, versus US Submarines sunk, namely 52 ( 2 of which were lost in the Atlantic Ocean )

Shipping Losses in WW2.

Britain needed the lifeline of Merchant Ships plowing across the North Atlantic route from North American ports to both Liverpool and on the Clyde in Scotland. 75 % of all food stuffs to sustain the British people needed to be imported.

Shipping losses on the North Atlantic run totalled a staggering 11,904,954 tons.

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