Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bigger than Gods

How a simple comment made jokingly created the idea that became BIGGER THAN GODs Apparel
While in Nags Head NC enjoying OBX Bike week, a local surfer dude approached and drunkenly exclaimed "Dude, You are bigger than God!"

My answer was, "No one is bigger than God..." and he soon stumbled off.
We jokingly used 'BTGs' the rest of the weekend and the spark was ignited.
We have been very fortunate to have a local artist that does incredible work, Terry Locke...

Terry signed onboard this project and has created phenomenal artwork for your clothes.The BTGs concept is simple: 4000 years ago, man believed in the mythical gods. They could not have ever imagined their gods as evolved as we have become. By building yourself up physically, mentally and emotionally, you become bigger than they could have imagined their gods. You have BECOME BIGGER THAN GODS. Become more, grow past the limitations others place on you. The rest of our story will be determined by hard work and your belief inBigger Than Gods Apparel
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We hope you enjoy!

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