Sunday, 7 July 2013

Mike (Smudge) Smith

Victoria Smith is Michael Smith's (Smudge) other half, who was an MEM who served on HMS Superb and other boats (he was a boxer and from Warrington). He sadly crossed the bar in 2000 after an accident leaving behind Victoria and their two daughters. Victoria is trying to contact lads who have worked with Smudge and knew him, to hear some of the old shennanigans we used to get up to and pass on information to her daughters about their father. If any of you remember Smudge, please drop Victoria a line. Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Paul Cooper Any old pics or stories out there lads?
  • Graham Middleton I remember smudge from Tireless 93-96 ish. I was completely stunned when I heard of his passing, such a genuine guy. By that point I had been out for 4 years. The best person Victoria could contact for that period of time (tireless) is Steve Reeves, who, I believe she was in contact with at the time of his passing. I can put her in touch if she requires.
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  • Victoria Smith I've messaged Steve Reeves heard nothing back Graham...  I am hoping I can get enough nice stuff back about Michael in time to get it all bound for Christmas 
  • Graham Middleton I'will give him a call, I'm sure he can help out.
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  • Victoria Smith Any funny tales of Smudge even if they are just posted on here with who has said what and who has told what and I can cut and paste that would be fantastic please... 
  • Graham Middleton Well from my corner I can't be much help.It is 17 years since i left tireless (and last saw smudge) and my memory is not good. I do remember you and your (eldest ? ) daughter being a regular visitor to the boat whilst alongside if Smudge was duty. She ...See More
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  • Victoria Smith Graham oh my god that is just brilliant... you've actually brought a tear to my eye... thank you so so much and it was her daddy's boat to her... she moved on to say 'aye aye daddy boat'... she doesn't remember any of it...  x
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  • Victoria Smith And that has been copied and pasted... thank you again 
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  • Alan Jones I joined up with smudge, I used to train with him in Sultan as baby stokers...much better light welter than me............
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  • Graham Middleton It was a pleasure Victoria.
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  • Victoria Smith Alan hope you don't mind I ave copied and pasted that too... do you remember anything else? 
  • Victoria Smith ave... ave... I meant have... 
  • Alan Jones no probs, I think I might have some photos of when we were at Sultan I will have alook and post them....
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  • Victoria Smith Thank you... 
  • Graham Middleton A further avenue you can explore, if you haven't already, is friends reunited. You will be able to find lists of all boats and establishments he served with, and contact people who have listed themselves as being attached to that boat or base.
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  • Victoria Smith oooh thank you I never thought of that... I will do that first thing in the morning... 
  • Chris Large I remember " smudge" well. What a top guy. I was a TG tiff (MEAOW) in 92-95 and he was onboard. Use to see him a lot at lunchtime circuit training all the time where at the end he would always kick my ass on the grid sprints.. Great decent honest hard working guy.....
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  • Victoria Smith Thank you Chris 
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  • Andy Bluffield Served with smudge on tireless up until that tragic day. He always had a smile from ear to ear, loved the banter, and popular with everyone.
    You can be very proud he was a top bloke.
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  • Mike Wilder I remember him well. I was with him in gibraltar and i remember when he had the accident. We had many a night night out during our time there. He was one of the nicest people I ever served with. Always fun to be around. I don't ever remember him being pissed of or moody. I still think about him. He was one of the best and was greatly missed by everyone the knew him.
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  • Scott Johnson I served on HMS Tireless with smudge we were both ME jr's at the time. I have a fair few photos from Den Helder and other jollies. I am on a course at uni this week but will contact you pass some photos i am sure you have never seen, and get thinking of some stories. Great guy sorely missed by many.
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  • Victoria Smith Scott that would be fab  thank you
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  • George Griffiths Hi Victoria Smith I don't think I served with Smudge but no doubt we have met at some time ... The Submarine Community is a very close one The Loungers as you can see Remember him and have some great memories and Photos of him which they are Very willing to share with you and your Family 
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  • Victoria Smith Thank you George. I'm really grateful for all the help and support that is being given to me 
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