Friday, 23 March 2012

Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux GM


Gillian Molyneux  received the George Medal awarded to her late husband, Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux RN today, in recognition of his services during an attack on HMS Astute on 8th April 2011.

Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux, 36 died in the shooting as the vessel was docked during an official visit to Southampton.

His citation read: "Lieutenant Commander Molyneux, with complete disregard for his own safety, had made an effort to tackle the gunman, knowingly put himself into extreme danger in order to safeguard others from personal injury."

Able Seaman Ryan Donovan later pleaded guilty to shooting him dead while on sentry duty after opening fire in the submarine's control room and was jailed for at least 25 years in September.

He also attempted to murder Lieutenant Commander Christopher Hodge, Petty Officer Christopher Brown, and Chief Petty Officer David McCoy.
Other honours will see Major Justin Stenhouse of 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards receive the Distinguished Service Order for single-handedly taking on Taliban insurgents to save the men under his command.

The officer, from Hartfield in Sussex, was serving with an elite reconnaissance unit when he and his men found themselves pinned down in an attack as they attempted to recover weapons being used against them.

The DSO is the second-highest military honour for active service.
And Major General Timothy Evans will be given his CBE for services in Afghanistan.

Bethie has asked if I can let everybody know that she raised £245 for Children in Need from donations given after reading out the poem she wrote for her Daddy, to help other children x She has asked me to share her poem with you all ....

Our Daddy!
Daddy's come in different shapes and sizes, but our daddy is one of a kind,
Our daddy is handsome and tall, with big brown eyes,
He is clever and funny and always smiles.
He gives the best hugs - especially to us!
He likes to play sports, to cook yummy food and to have a brew - Daddy always had the kettle on!
But our daddy didn't just belong to us ... He had another family that he loved too ... His Submarine Family!

Our daddy always looks after us and keeps us safe.
Our daddy died looking after his submarine family and keeping them safe!
It makes us feel sad and lonely inside. We will miss our Daddy forever - we never got to say goodbye ....
'Goodbye Daddy!' But he is a Hero - he is OUR Hero!
He loves us all and always makes the right decision ... He made the right decision that day .... He gave up his life to save others, so that more people didn't die.
Our Daddy is the bravest daddy in the world and we will always love him wherever we go ...
I wish that when my brothers and I grow up, we are just like OUR DADDY Xxxx

By Bethie Molyneux Age 7 x

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