Thursday, 26 May 2011

Royal Navy Redundancy

Royal Navy  Redundancy

A Forces  Redundancy Calculator is available on the MOD website which gives a forecast of benefits for prospective redundees under the Forces Redundancy Programme announced.The calculator allows Service personnel to input their details to provide a forecast of their redundancy and pension benefits based on the redundancy exit date and the promulgated redundancy rules.

Only certain trades, specialisms and ranks (known as fields) within the Forces will be considered for redundancy.
No qualified RAF pilots were included in the first RAF tranche of redundancies announced.

The MOD has taken great care to ensure that Forces personnel and their families are fully informed about the redundancy programme. They are aiming to give them a level of certainty about their future and inflammatory reporting is irresponsible and extremely unhelpful.

To view the calculator see >> Calculator

Personnel who are unlikely to be considered for redundancy are listed below.



Warfare GS  MW (all ranks)
  SEA (all ranks)
  SR / HM(H) (all ranks)
  Diver (all ranks)
  ETS (all ranks)
  WA (all ranks)
  AB1 WS with 4 years or less Length Of Service

Warfare SM  AB1 WS (CISSM, SSM, TSM) with 4 years or less Length Of Service

Warfare FAA
  ACMN (ASW) (all ranks)
  ACMN (CDO) (all ranks)
  AB1 and LH NA(AC)

Engineer GS  AB1 ( ET(ME), ET(WE) ) with 5 years or less Length Of Service
  LH ( ET(ME), ET(WE) & MEM(L) )

Engineer SM  LH WESM & MESM (all sub specs)
  All Cat A2 and Cat B MESM Nuclear watchkeepers

Engineer FAA  LH ( AET(Av), AET(L), AET(M) & AET(R

  • Logistics GS AB1 (Ch, Std, Wtr & SC) with 7 years or less Length Of Service
  LH (Ch, Std, Wtr & SC) serving on OE1 / FC

Logistics SM  AB1 / LH / PO (Ch(SM), Std(SM), Wtr(SM) & SC(SM))

Medical GS  DHY (all ranks)
  DN (all ranks)
  MA (CDO) (all ranks)
  MA(ODP) (all ranks)
  MT (all sub spec) (all ranks)
  AB1 MA with 9 years or less Length Of Service

Medical SM  MA(SM)2 (all ranks)

  CC, Infection C, ITU, MH, OT, Surg & T&O (all ranks)

• All Royal Marines GS, BS, SF (all ranks)

Warfare GS  Lt and below

Warfare SM
   SM qualified Lt and below

Warfare FAA
  QHI current within 6 years on Merlin, Lynx or Seaking 4
  QOI current within 6 years on Merlin,

Lynx or SK 7   RW Pilots and Observers within return of service

Engineer GS  WEGS Lt and below

Engineer SM
   MESM Lt Cdr and below
  WESM Lt and below

Logistics SM  All SM qualified Lts
  MESM Lt Cdr and below

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